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First Quarter General Assembly Meeting


The Municipal Chief Executive (DCE) for Gomoa East District Hon. Solomon Darko Quarm, has condemned the murder of the soldier at Nyanyano Kakraba in the district which was as a result of a misunderstanding on a portion of land. And let the house to observe a minutes silence for the late soldier.

At an assembly meeting at the district Assembly hall at Potsin, on 7th may 2024, he disclosed he together with management regret of the murder of the soldier. He disclosed of measures in place long ago to curb land guard and digging fee issues which calmed matters for sometimes. He said, management have gone ahead to seek for the support of military to augments efforts of the police, with letters written to Ghana arm forces for establishment of military base in the district which yet to be fulfilled.

On security, he commended the Fetteh Traditional Authorities for taking action to demolish structure at the Buduburam camp which were being used as hideouts and gathering place for criminals and prostitutions.

He added, the traffic situation on the Buduburam main road has notable improved due to relocation of traders who now occupy the cleared area at camp.

On financial performance, he disclosed the Assembly’s annual budget allocation for year 2024,(IGF), was set at GH¢3,600.000.00 as of March 2024, GH¢1,216,042,71 has been realized representing 33.78%of the budgeted amount.

He revealed the Assembly additionally projected GH¢35,000.00 in funding from UNICEF for the same year of which 17,500.00 has been received constituting 50% of the anticipated amount. And an allocation of GH¢500,000.00 was earmarked for MPs common fund with GH¢373,933.45 actualized, representing 74.79% of the budgeted sum.

The house later approved some recommendations of the Executives Committee which included, construction of classroom blocks to reduce overcrowding in public schools, procurement of desks for public schools, establishment of revenue station at Dampase, formation of an ad-HOC committee on Quarry Development Fund (QDF)among others.