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The Assembly


Gomoa East District is one of the twenty-two administrative districts in the Central Region. It was established by a Legislative Instrument (L.I. 2340, 2017). It was created and inaugurated on 15th March, 2018 with Gomoa Potsin as its capital.


The population of Gomoa East District, according to the 2010 Population and Housing Census, is 207,071 representing 9.4 percent of the region’s total population. Males constitute of 47.5 percent and females represent 52.5 percent. Slightly more than half (52.4%) of the population in Gomoa East District live in urban areas. The district has a sex ratio of 90.4 and a youthful population with 40 percent of the population below 15 years. This depicts a broad base population pyramid which tapers off with a small number of elderly persons (population aged 60 years and above). The total age dependency ratio for the district is 78.5.


The Gomoa East District Assembly is headed by a political head that is the District Chief Executive and is assisted administratively by the District Co-ordinating Director who supervises twelve (12) departments in the district. The Assembly is composed of twenty (20) members made up of 12 elected members and 6 appointees (including the Member of Parliament and the District Chief Executive). The district is divided into three area councils.

The General Assembly meetings are presided over by the Presiding Member (PM). The General Assembly has a Membership of comprising of 12 Elected Members, 6 Government Appointees, the Member of Parliament and the District Chief Executive who also chairs the Executive Committee.
In the performance of its functions, the Gomoa East District Assembly works through five (5) Sub-Committees and other adhoc committess. These Sub-Committees perform deliberative functions and submit recommendations to the Executive committee for further deliberation and then to the General Assembly for final decisions and implementation. The Five Sub-Committees are;

  • Social Services,
  • Finance & Administration,
  • Development Planning,
  • Justice & Security,
  • Works

The adhoc committees are Education, Environment & Sanitation and Agric. There all twelve (12) departments namely;

  • Central administration
  • Finance Administration
  • Education, Youth & Sports
  • Health
  • Agric
  • Social Welfare
  • Trade & Industries
  • Natural Resources , Conservation, Forestry & Wildlife
  • Physical Planning
  • Disaster Prevention
  • Human Resource
  • Works Department


The Gomoa East district Assembly exists to harness and deploy the resource potential of the district to improve the living conditions of the people through equitable provision of the services within the context of good governance and local economic development.


To become the number one investment destination in the Central Region and a strong force nationwide.


The following are the guiding principles of the Gomoa East District Assembly in the execution of its duties and delivering quality public goods;

  • Citizen Centeredness
  • Professionalism
  • Courteous Service Delivery
  • Punctuality
  • Sustainability
  • Quality Service


Section 12 (3) of Local Governance Act, 2016 (ACT 936) which establishes the Assembly also mandates it to perform among other functions;

  • Be responsible for the overall development of the district;
  • Formulate and execute plans, programmes and strategies for the effective mobilization of the resources necessary for the overall development of the district;
  • Promote and support productive activity and social development in the district and remove any obstacles to initiative and development;
  • Sponsor the education of students from the district to fill particular manpower needs of the district especially in the social sectors of education and health, making sure that the sponsorship is fairly and equitably balanced between male and female students;
  • Initiate programmes for the development of basic infrastructure and provide district works and services.
  • Be responsible for the development, improvement and management of human settlements and the environment in the district;
  • In co-operation with the appropriate national and local security agencies, be responsible for the maintenance of security and public safety in the district;
  • Ensure ready access to courts in the district for the promotion of justice;
  • Act to preserve and promote the cultural heritage within the district
  • Initiate, sponsor or carry out studies that may be necessary for the discharge of any of the duties conferred by this Act or any other enactment; and
  • Perform any other functions that may be provided under another enactment.